International Armored Vehicles


Al Mujazaf is one of the largest auto  companies and owns one of the largest luxury cars showrooms in Kurdistan and Iraq. Our showrooms feature both used and new cars luxury. Our goal is to provide luxury cars to customers in Kurdistan and Iraq and to bring our customers with difference.

Ultra Defence Company for Security and Guarding Services is currently operating in Sulaimanyah, Erbil, Dahuk, Kirkuk, Baghdad, Barsrah , Mosul and the other Iraqi cities. Ultra Defence Company for Security and Guarding Services is licensed, bonded, and fully insured in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The founders of Ultra Defence Company for Security and Guarding Services possessed over 10 years experience in security, investigations, and the protection field. 

al mujazf service center perform to provides great services for our clients especially vehicle maintenance and repair service. the vehicle services includes Purchase Oil, Filter, Identify Tools and Materials,  Warm Up and Jack Up Vehicle, determine purchasing requirements equipement of vehicle in lower price  at the time of needs. also, our company provide clear preplan fleet vehicle maintenance schedules, this aspect helps our cleint to be aware in managing their vehicle in good conditions. 

Additionally,  our team pay more attention for exchange and drain old oil,  Change Oil Filter, Add New Oil, Remove Tires, Check Breaks and also, the center provides armored vehicles services and maintenance, furthermore our team, Make our clients sure about their vehicle to be fit for use and purpose. 

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Al Mujazf, founder of many leading auto comapny , manufacturing cars, luxery cars and security company, has dedicated his career to revolutionizing the field of auto cars company and security solutions. With a visionary approach, he has spearheaded innovations that have set new standards in the industry. His commitment to excellence and passion for safeguarding communities have earned him widespread recognition and acclaim. Under his leadership, the company continues to thrive and uphold its reputation as a trusted provider of top-tier vehicles company and security services in the iraq .